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Our Auto Services Give a Fresh Start to Your Journey

Repairing & maintaining cars is what we love to do. Whether it’s vehicle servicing or diagnosing a vehicle problem, we’ve got the technicians, tools and training to get the work done right and the longing to please. Get in touch. We’re here to help. J’s Auto Masters is the complete motor vehicle service & repair centre. We specialise in fleet vehicle maintenance & auto service and courteous & prompt services. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our Auto Services in Detail:

Computerised Diagnostic Engine Testing

Don’t be alarmed when you hear your vehicle needs to go under computer diagnostic engine testing. Our automotive technicians are just going to diagnose the exact problem with your vehicle cost-effectively.

Injector Cleaning and Decarbonising

Due to stop/start city driving and poor quality fuel, vehicle injectors get clogged. We are here to carbon clean your injectors, so you don’t have to spend the money on replacing them.

3-D 4 Wheel Computerised Wheel Alignment

3D Computerised Wheel Alignment is a must have for your vehicle if you want it to be as safe as it can be and save money in the long term as you will not require having your tyres replaced more often.

High-Speed Computerised Wheel Balancing

Experiencing vibrations in your car, hearing screeches from your tyres, or feeling your vehicle is drawing in one direction? We will rebalance one or more of your tyre and wheel assemblies in no time.

Motor Vehicle Inspection

We can inspect your motor vehicle to confirm all the major operating systems and parts are in proper working condition. Our expert auto technicians who know vehicles like their best friends conduct all vehicle inspections.

Complete Vehicle Servicing

Maintain your vehicle to ensure long and trouble-free motoring. To allow you to do so, our certified technicians offer complete vehicle servicing, oil & filter change service and lubrication service.

Suspension Check and Suspension Repairs

If the front of your car slopes when braking, oscillates by side winds or handles out of sorts, you could have faulty suspension. With suspension check & timely service & repair, we make sure your car is fit and safe for the roads.

General Mechanical Repairs

Need a mechanic that can handle all general mechanical repairs? You’ve come to the right place! We perform general mechanical repairs and maintenance to all vehicle types at just the right prices.

Brakes Renewal & Brakes Repairs

If you have a problem with your breaks, then J’s Auto Masters are here to help. Consult us for a brake inspection any time, and we would identify if your brakes are in need of renewal or repair.

Tyre Fitting & Tyre Repairs

As specialists in the tyre industry, we’re able to fit and repair tyres on a vast range of vehicles, from cars to 4x4s. Whenever there is a tyre distress, our tyre-related services keep the whole experience as trouble-free as possible.

Battery Recharging

If your car is refusing to start, there can be a problem with your battery. We have the tools, techniques and the technicians to recharge your car battery the correct way. Let us get you back on the road.

Body Wash, Engine Wash, Underbody Wash

Whether it’s maintaining the body of your vehicle, cleaning the underside of your car, or giving your engine the upkeep it is worthy of, J’s Auto Masters is here for you and your car. Choose from our host of wash packages.

Muffler Services

A faulty exhaust system can decrease the operating efficiency of your engine and lead to increased fuel consumption. Choose us as your muffler replacement specialists in Trinidad. Also, for mig & arc welding & pipe bending, look no further.

Automatic Transmission Flush, Clean and Fluid Replacement

The fluid inside the automatic transmission vitiates over time. Don’t let minor transmission problems become major issues. Our technicians remove old transmission fluid and replace it with new, clean fluid.

Browse through our auto products:


With the right pricing and availability, choose the best auto parts available at J’s Auto Masters.


Before hitting the road, power up your ride with the best brand’s car battery. Find battery.


Never use spark plugs beyond their recommended service life. Get the new ones right here.


Keep your internal combustion engine just fine by using top-quality engine oil from J’s Auto Masters.


Looking for automotive filters? No matter what you drive, there’s an auto filter for you here.


At our auto facility, choosing your tyre has become easier. Visit us to buy your new, competitive price tyres.

Quality auto service and parts at the best price!
It’s How We Keep You Rolling. Contact us.

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